Ground-up restoration

CCF08032012 00001In more than 100 years since the invention of the automobile, there have been many restoration facilities in existence such that there is a broad range and quality of services they provide – the history of the automobile is relatively short, and, as such there is no specific, accepted definition of what level of work qualifies as restoration. However, certain shops focus on and are capable of complete restoration or remanufacture of virtually any car including any of its components, to the exclusion of the provision or sale of the cars themselves or other products and services. This includes restoration to a finished factory level, or better-than-factory as discussed in the Concours section above. In addition to the above, generally what separates true restoration sources is the capacity to restore and fabricate all components in-house coupled with the ability to recreate a car no matter what state of decay it is in (or literally how much of the car remains, sometimes as little as a single fender remains and nothing else). Few sources in the world remain who will provide this, however, there are several notable examples: Ferrari will restore a vintage car in its factory, as will Schaeffer & Long and Aston Martin.[3][4][5]


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